Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ciao Sorrento

Oh my life, how beautiful is Sorrento?
First view of Sorrento
As we travelled along the coast following very windy, twisty roads I found myself saying “Bella, bella” out aloud.
Hotel Balcony View in Sorrento
Our hotel is wonderful …. and the view from my balcony is well ……..
Picture 317
……. molto bello!
Picture 285 
Even the water hydrants are cosí romantico!
Picture 282
I am so very fortunato, in an Italian visit type nature!


Mr.D said...

I know people who speak Spanglish.

What are you speaking?

Italianish? Englitalian?

marc said...

o i would so lov to be there such a wounderful place big love marco