Sunday, 22 May 2011

Arrivederci Darrell Part 6 – Awe and Wonder

Time to leave Rome 2
It’s time to leave Rome, it’s been wonderful, so much to take in, in so little time …. I hope my coins in the Trevi Fountain work and that one day I will return to visit all the bits we've missed this time round.
Time to leave Rome
I have many happy memories to take with me, including the lovely proper cup of Italian coffee I had in an atmospheric cafe,  found for us by our lovely guide, who had "insider knowledge" on hostelries used by the locals.  I have to admit I couldn't stop myself stroking the marble table, thinking of all the romantic Italian conversations that had taken place over it ......stimolante!

posh italian coffee
I have embraced all the smells, sounds, tastes and characters I have encountered with all of me heart (con tutto il mio cuore).  You may have noticed that my Italian is improving and added to my wolverhampton accent it has a certain exotic mystery, even to the italians!
Italian Coffee Shop
But now we need to travel on to Sorrento ….. which sounds very romantic …
Picture 118
We need to travel by coach and stop at Herculaneum on the way …......
Herculaneum took my breath away, I just couldn’t believe that it was was once buried under metres of volcanic ash and I found myself hypnotically drawn to keep looking up at Mount Vesuvius. 
Picture 131
It really was a place of awe and wonder.
Herculaneum 2
And I feel truly blessed in a Hello magazine type way that I have been fortunate enough to visit.


An envious Mr.D said...

Do you think the smile on the coffee looks a tad like Nigel?
Herculaneum is close to Pompeii.
Lucky you.

Darrell said...

Now you mention it Mr D the face does bear a spooky resembelance to Nigel!! If I had noticed before, I might have found it hard to drink!

Herculaneum is indeed very close to Pompeii ..... all I can say Mr D id that you aint seen nothing yet ....!

marc said...

I to loved it there and you so make me want to go back and see it all again prhapse nigel is a saint and you can see his image in toast and coffee and all sorts of objects or is he watching you big spooky love marc