Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Can’t Believe I Look Like This Inside ….

Embarressing Bodies
Yuk, it’s hard to believe we all look like this inside, even Stacey Solomon.
Inside the Human Body
Sometimes I poke myself in the stomach to see if I can feel my intestines, and kidneys and stuff, but as I am unqualified, it’s hard to distinguish between my internal organs
Inside the Human Body 1
I don’t think I could ever be a surgeon, I couldn’t put my hands, in let alone cut bits out.  And what if I removed the wrong bit?  The responsibility would just lie to heavy upon me.


Mr.D said...

I went to see "Bodyworks" a few months back where they plasicised the bits. Interesting stuff.

marc said...

it would be horried if your insides became your outside overnight and they say beauty is only skin deep best not think about such things will keep you awake at night yours with big inside outside love marc

Mrs A. said...

Doesn't bare thinking about. Especially if you have just eaten a bannana!

Mr.D said...

I was once carrying one of these models and some the insides fell out. I said "Oh, no, I've just dropped my guts." I thought it was funny but no-one laughed.