Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Benvenuti a casa Darrell!

Darrell has returned safely from his (scurrilous) Italian travels, greeting both Nigel and I with passionate kisses on the checks and finishing every sentence with “Bella bella”. He has also developed a very  strange Italia-Wolverhampton type accent!  Goodness knows what the Italians made of him.
Souvenirs from Rome
He came bearing very interesting gifts and souvenirs of his time in Rome, Sorrento and Capri but apologised that as it wasn’t featured highly on the itinerary, opportunities of a shopping type nature were few, far between and a trifle hurried.
 Soap from Capri
But I was highly delighted with my Italian lobster pot and Nigel was thrilled with his orange and lemon soaps from Capri, however, we have had to stress firmly that they are not for eating! But something tells me that we will find Nigel with a foaming mouth when he has his next  bath, as he won’t be able to resist having a little nibble, just to make sure they are not real!
 Icecream Spoon
Darrell showed us all the little mementos he had collected, like his ice cream spoon from when he tried his first Italian Gelato, he nommed quietly as he recanted his experience.
 Complimentary Bathroom Products
He also showed us the complimentary bath products he had purloined from both of the hotels he had stayed in.  He said that the secret of acquiring a few extra items to bring home was to completely empty the baskets of soap etc. in the bathroom before going out  for the day, on his return he would then find that they had all been replaced. It was a ploy that also seemed to impress the maid into thinking that he was extremely particular about his personal hygiene. What is he like?  However, I have to admit  a spare bonnet de douche is always a useful thing to have, as is shampoo and shower gel.
Roman Sugar
Darrell also obtained several packets of what he affectionately called his “Coliseum sugar”
Fruites De La Mer
The beach of Capri reaped some interesting frutti di mare for Darrell, a huge holey stone (which I hope he doesn’t try to put this round his neck as it could render him a very serious injury), a piece of driftwood and a bit of rope from a boat, these I am sure will be displayed very carefully in Darrell’s bedroom as wonderful treasures and momentos.
Stones from the beach in Capri Picture 011
Darrell’s next souvenirs were very special, but we hope they don’t contravene any conservation laws….
Bottled Treasures
He filled two little bottles with tiny stones from the beach in Capri and in the other two he put dust from the paths in Pompeii.  He said he did have a twinge of conscience about the dust and if he has to go back to Italy to return it, he would do so willingly, but hopefully it won’t come to that!
E 'bello averti a casa Darrell, ci sei mancato – which translated means – it’s good to have you home Darrell, we missed you!


Mr.D said...

People may think that Nigel had been swearing if he washes his mouth out with soap.
What a great trip.

Chris G said...

Have been recalling nostaglic memories myself as Darrell explored Rome, Sorrento and Capri, as I went to those places for the first time in April last year. Like Darrell I had a wonderful time. Loved all the souvenirs he bought back for you and Nigel.