Monday, 16 May 2011

Fish of a Pond Type Nature

Picture 011
It won’t be long before we can have fish in our new garden pond, so it’s nice to go out and do a bit of window water type shopping ….. and see what fish are available.
Looking At Fish
There were so many, and to be honest I began to worry about how I was going to choose suitable fish, as they must have a nice face and as they swim so fast it’s hard to get a good look……
Picture 007
……. And once I have chosen my fish, how do I tell the “fish catcher” exactly which one I want! 
Picture 010
Oh, the responsibility will lie heavy upon my shoulders when the time comes.
Ripples  telford
While I was there I also took the opportunity to look at the other fish in tanks.  If I had a fish tank I would like something of a tasteful type nature ….
Picture 021
But I can imagine Darrell and Nigel would want to fill a tank with garish type ornaments that have nothing to do with the piscatorial world whatsoever!


Mrs A. said...

Hope you got a good fish and you can tell us about the one that got away too. Monkey & Mrs A.

Di said...

Oh dear, am laughing at your little quandry :)) Happy fishing! Di x

marc said...

Mr D were you b we b worried you not here , Monkey get gold ones s you can see them dont get them fast ones as they just go to the bottom of your pond and the blue ones are hard to see i find they all have a happy sort of face except catfish who can look sad get lots of plants to big whale of a love marc

Mr.D said...

A busy weekend meant I have missed you.
Marc, thanks for the comments. I went to a Wagner opera and a football match.
I hope you protect the fish from birds like herons.
Some friends who live in China went to a restaurant that looks like the "water type" shop. They had to pick which swimming fish they were going to eat.