Monday, 2 May 2011

Mario Testoni - Official Pictures?

If ever we need official pictures taken of us, Mario Testoni would definately be our photographer of choice. 

He has taken some really lovely pictures and I think that he could do the same for us ….
Mario Testoni
He is very good at not getting anything in the background of his pictures, we always seem to have the washing or fruit bowl etc. in the back of ours.  If he had taken the picture of me (above) I'd be looking wistful and deep in thought, and not thinking about what to choose from the takeaway menu!
Mario Testoni Portrait
He might cost us a bit more than going into one of those photo booths at Wolverhampton train station but it would be worth it, even for Nigel!
Mario Testoni 3
I’ll Google him and see if I can find his price list.
….. then see when he has got a window of opportunity to come to Wolverhampton.

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Mr.D said...

You'd think the queen would have stretched the budget to colour photos. Or maybe Mario Testoni bought the wrong film from the chemists.