Saturday, 14 May 2011

One of Our Favourite Televisual Nights of The Year .. But Not Alas This Year …

You all know just how much we LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest and would NEVER miss it, well, we have had a bit of a diary malfunction and have found ourselves otherwise engaged!  Can you believe it?
Diary Malfunction
Instead, we will be entertaining guests, dans jardin, with an alfresco barbeque, all very last minute. It’s almost inconceivable to think that for one fleeting second the EVSC 2011 escaped our minds, as we invited the next door neighbours round for hot dogs, chicken drumsticks, baked potatoes and coleslaw with limoncello cheesecake to follow. …. but it did!
Picture 044
When we realised our Eurovision faux pas Darrell and I just looked at each other aghast, totally dumbstruck!
Kate Middleton Unofficial Photos Shopping
 But, as Darrell sagely said, as he eventually recovered his composure,  “Man cannot live by great televisual moments alone” and then added philosophically “Anyway, we still have a lifetime of Eurovision ahead of us”
So we can only wish Blue good luck for tonight, even though we don’t think they stand a cats chance in hell. We shall also be curious to see how Jedward (what do they look like?) fair with juries of a foreign type nature.


Mr.D said...

I have never heard Blue nor Jedward. Is my life lacking as a consequence?
It is the law that all EV songs contain the lines "Boom bang a bang" and "Inky Pinky Parlez vous?"

marc said...

I will be going to a party for evsc as marc and his friends get together every year to join in the fun we will be thinking of you it is also my dream one day to be in the contest and doing my part for the UK who knows dreams can come true i would have ou on stage with me doing some thing random big euro biz wave Hugh

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh guys, me too! We normally have a big party but DD was invited to a friends 18th and it wouldn't be the same without her making the charts and doing the draw and popping in and out of the dining room (where the grown ups hide) with results and comments. So we aren't. I miss it already!