Friday, 6 May 2011

An Unexpected Nibble Box Gift of a Nutty Type Nature

Picture 072
We had a lovely surprise present in the post yesterday – it was a nibble box full of lovely treats of a nut type nature from graze -
 Nibble Box
At first we thought it was something that Darrell had “clicked” for, on one of the “free stuff” sites he frequently  frequents when he has got nothing much to do, but, when we looked more carefully, we found it was from the Lovely Miss Jane:- Thank you Jane, we were very touched in an unexpected nibbley nut type way
Nibble Box 2 Nibble Box 1
It was all beautiful packaged, including a serviette,which Darrell nabbed straight away…….
Picture 073
……. and the little packs of nutty snacks had funny names.
I chose Honey Bee Good (honey peanuts, cashews and pecans) nom, nom, nom and Darrell fancied the Rock the Casbah (dates, pumpkin seeds and walnuts, also, nom, nom, nom. 
We noticed a bit of tiny weeny writing that said we should be careful because the packs might contain bits of stone or shell – I had to explain to Darrell that this didn’t mean rocks, pebbles or sea shells, but fruit stones and nut shells! What is he like?


Mr.D said...

I bet you went nuts over this wonderful gift. Healthy and tasty. Nomtastic.

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't eat them all at once. Can I come and visit cos I love nuts.Hugs Monkey

Anj said...

Clearly the 5p find at Tesco is working it's lucky magic!

SueF said...

Stacey Solomon is due to be a guest on the Wright Stuff on Channel 5 one morning next week!

Love reading your blog every morning :-)


marc said...

What lucky boys you are you have such good pals and i like this postal treat as i have lots of friends who do not like chocolats so this would make a very nice treat for them thanks ms j big love marc