Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cooking With Leftovers – Nomming Good Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding
We don’t like to waste food, so when we have any leftover bread our economic recipe of choice is for a hearty bread pudding, a comfort food that’ll make your ribs stick together and one of the Lovely Laura’s  particular favourites.
Making Bread Pudding
We don’t really weigh anything out, we just tend to throw everything in together, left over bread, sultanas, sugar, a bit of butter and some milk.  We let the bread and stuff soak up all the milk until it goes all mushy and then give it a good old stir, before putting it in the oven, with a good sprinkling of sugar on the top.
Bread Pudding Recipe
We don’t think our bread pudding has any powers of a magical type nature but we always make a wish on our last stir just in case.
Bread Pudding 1
Nom, nom, nom ……
Comfort Food


Mr.D said...

Nom, nom, nom and more noms.
Nommingly good.

Angie said...

I love bread pudding but have never made one that I am happy with ...yours looks yummy

Diane said...

There's nothing can beat a gool old fashioned bread pudding is there? Definitely 9 noms xx

marc said...

Good home cooking some times i like to add some 5 spice as well and a good custard nom nom nomx3 big love marc