Friday, 27 May 2011

Time For Tea in Capri And A Spot Of Dinner Too

Cup of tea on Carpri
Oh my life, a cup of tea on Capri cost me £5, but nothing can take away the experience for me, it was molto speciale.
Picture 266
 My lunch however proved to be much better value for my euros thanks to our guide Claudio who booked us a table in a lovely family run restaurant.
meal on Capri
There was a choice of a “real” Italian pizza or ravioli, the choice proved a little problematic for me as  I wanted to embrace the experience, but didn’t want to tarnish it by selecting the wrong “main course”
Meal on Isle of Capri
But I was not disappointed, I plumped for the ravioli which was molto delizioso! – 11 Italian nomino, nomino nominos!


Mr.D said...

I hope you had a superb view with your five pound cuppa.

Monkeh said...

£5 cuppa? Shocking!

You seem to be having a great time though:)