Friday, 20 May 2011

Arrividerci Wolverhampton Part 4

Buon Giorno, come sta?
Picture 081
This morning I went to the Vatican, it was truly breathtaking! And it bought back to me one wet and gloomy Sunday afternoon when Lucy and I sat on the settee and watched the whole of The Thornbirds in one sitting, eating ice cream and stifling our sniffing at the sad bits. I felt that it was an unsuitable place to pose for photographs of a casual, devil may-care nature because of it’s holiness and sanctity, and I really didn’t want to incur any papal wrath of any kind.
Picture 065
But I could take pictures of some of the rooms............. talk about posh ceilings, not a smidgen of artex textured finish anywhere, this was the real deal!  That Michael Angelo was some painter, Rolf Harris just doesn't compare.
Picture 061
I looked up at the Pope's window, but the only glimpse I got of him was when I bought a couple of postcards. I am sure that if he had seen me, he would have given me a quick blessing, offered me his ring to kiss and would then have forgiven me my sin of ….. accidentally on purpose finding myself on this erm trip!
Papal Postcards
After the very holy atmosphere of the Vatican, it was time to chill a little and throw my three coins in  the Trevi Fountain.  I wasn’t sure which currency I should toss, so I did a twenty pence piece, a euro and one of Nigel’s plastic play coins, that had somehow found it’s way into my wallet, so I think I covered all bases and my return to Rome is assured, hopefully next time with Monkey and Nigel.
Picture 037
I also took the opportunity to try some Italian ice cream, gelato ….. oh my life, I have never seen so may flavours and the queue behind me got a little humpy as I ummed and ahhed as I tried to choose, in the end I threw caution to the wind and tried melon, pistachio, chocolate  and coconut, it was like I had died and gone to Heaven ….. which was quite apt as I was in one of the holiest places in the world!
Picture 034
Then it was on the tourist trail again …….
Picture 027
The Spanish Steps ………….
Picture 040
The Pantheon ………….
Picture 106
The Forum …………. et tu, brute!
Picture 110
And Palentine Hill.  It was all very exhausting, but also very awe inspiring, which is definitely my emotion of choice at the moment. Rome is stunning, very historiccal, and everything is very, very beautiful ….
Picture 020
Even the litter bins are spettacolare!


Mr.D said...

If the pope had castigated you for sneaking on the trip, you could have given him some papal bull, as opposed to Steve Bull.

Is that ceiling a trompe l'oeil?

I think using three coins is false - I think one is all you need, so maybe the three are one each for you, Monkey and Nigel.

marc said...

it sure looks like you are packimg in those sights in a very short time you must be running every were watch out for the traffic big love marc also watch out for the mad hand waving italians do when talking and the way they stop dead in the middle of a pathway and block it big love marco