Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Darrell Embraces National Doughnut Week

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I was in school again yesterday to help out with a yet another rush job of photocopying, when in bounced Vinnie the Volunteer with a huge box of doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Week …
National Doughnut Week 1
He said it was his Random Act of Kindness and that if we didn’t eat them quickly they would undoubtedly go very stale and nasty!  Well ………… it would have looked rude if I had refused wouldn’t it?
National Doughnut Week 2
…… So I selected the Lemon Meringue one ……..
National Doughnut Week
……. while Vinnie plumped for the Iced Coconut and we caught up on the world of volunteering, in between listening for the photocopier to stop and putting the next load on,  naturally!
National Samosa Day
But ….. what I didn’t tell Vinnie was that before he arrived I had just eaten a very large and spicy samosa from the samosa sale at break time! However, with the gusto and undeniable relish with which I consumed my doughnut, I don’t think he suspected anything was amiss.  Nom nom, and thrice nom!
To make  sure that The Childs Trust benefits from National Doughnut Week, doughnuts MUST be bought from registered bakers  …. to find a baker taking part in the scheme please follow these links:-
or on Facebook:-


Mr.D said...

Samosa every time for me!

marc said...

i love both of them ,but shame on london only 3 bakers in this big city taking part glad you are doing your bit big love hugh