Monday, 23 May 2011

Molineux Pride – Wolves Avoid Relegation

“And it's high ho Wolverhampton, no matter where you go now baby”   ……. well, we aint going nowhere, cos  we’re staying up!! Woooooo Hoooooo
Wolves Stay Up
Darrell was disappointed that he was going to miss the last Wolves match of the season due to him being  in Sorrento, and especially as we were so perilously close to relegation. He was texting us all through the match desperate for news.  Nigel and I were also on tenterhooks as we had worked out every permutation, trying to work out the results we needed to stay up!
Molineux Pride
But we did it!!!!!  We had no voices left when we got home, we sang and shouted for all we were worth, urging our team on.  It was an afternoon of high drama, everyone around us had their  radios on to see how the other teams were faring, at times it was almost too hard to bear, but our team didn’t let us or Sir Mick down.
Wolves Escape Relegation
We bought Darrell a special match day flag like he asked us to and have laid it out on his bed ready for his return. Hi Ho Wolverhampton!


Mr.D said...

Well done to the Wolves. Sunderland finished tenth, above Nxxxxxxxx. Sunderland have a soft spot for Big Mick who was our manager too.
Today I saw my local team win the league play off final and I am hoarse too. They play at the 1968 Olympic Stadium (Black Power salute and Bob Beamon long jump.)
After I went to see the opera Tosca so two rather different events.

Monkey said...

..... do you mean NEWCASTLE Mr D????!!!!! (titter, titter)

marc said...

Hi ho it is you no me and football boys to me its some thing a it girl goes out with to get a better home but well done to your team i am happy for you big show biz wave Hugh