Saturday, 5 November 2011

Darrell Does Training!

As Darrell’s Line Manager Sandra decided that as Darrell has shown  an “aptitude for ” and “keen interest in ” spreadsheets she would encourage him by sending him on a computer training course yesterday….
SIMS training
Darrell was thrilled that his name had been put forward and took it all very seriously … by looking for an executive” briefcase in the Argos catalogue.
However, it was a good job he got to the training centre with three quarters of an hour to spare as he went to the wrong building, and was very grateful to the Site Manager, who seeing him wandering around the Finance and Business Support Area informed him that they didn’t do the sort of spreadsheets that Darrell had been sent to do there …. and guided him to the correct building 
e-services SIMS training
Feeling slightly ruffled, Darrell finally signed in on the correct course,  where he applied himself diligently, though slightly hampered by a cricked neck due to the size of his screen, which was maaaahosive. Darrell said that it would not have been out of place at a muliplex cinema .…. but thought it had to be big because there were a lot of numbers to fit in on the spreadsheets he was working on!
Sims training 2
During the break he availed himself of the impressive range of posh complimentary hot beverages provided for the delgates refreshment…… Darrell opted for the Suchard hot chocolate, several times!
SIMS Traing E services
At the end Darrell was a little disappointed that he didn’t get a certificate of competency …. but he did get a very impressive manual with lots of complicated instructions and illustrations in which he said he would put in his briefcase, when he got one!
SIMS Reporting
What is he like?


Mr. D said...

It must be difficult with your hands when using the keyboard to input numbers.
I would have gone for the hot chocolate too.
You certainly deserve a certificate.

Mr. D said...

Stranger and stranger - deja vu all over again.

marc said...

a brief case how posh i use a plastic bag lol big love marc

Mr. D said...

A mystery - this entry was posted ages ago. How did this happen? Snafu? We need to know Mrs. G.