Friday, 18 November 2011

Our Festive Coffee Shop Faux Pas in Costa

Merry Costa
Whilst on our Dorset/Hampshire Sun £9.50 holiday we were very excited to see that the special festive beverages are now available in the popular coffee establishments.
Costa Coffee
Though very tempted by the Praline and Cream Latte ……. and sharing the love ……..
Costa Coffee Christchurch
….. we asked the young man behind the counter in Costa if they had stopped doing the Egg Nog Latte, our very favourite Christmas hot beverage of choice.  He ran through the list of festive coffees right off the top of his head, which was very impressive ….. but alak and a day, there was no egg nog on the said list.
merry Costa 1
We finally settled for a plain cappuccino between us …. and as we settled into the faux leatherette sofa in the corner the penny finally dropped ….. we were in Costa and it’s Starbucks that do the egg nog latte …… aghhhhhhh!  We were so embarrassed when we realised our terrible pas of a faux type nature that when we had finished we skulked out, with heads held low, not daring to look the polite young man who served us in the eye, what an unforgiveable mistake to make!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

If he werks in Costa then he shuddent go to Starbucks, so he wud ownly noe yor mistake if he DUZ go to Starbucks, in wich case he shud be embarrassed not yu!!!

Hehehe... this is just the sort ov mistake that my Mummy maykes...

Nose hugs!!!!

Mr. D said...

Don't worry, I can forgive you.
Was a real faux leatherette sofa?

Anonymous said...

But boys just think of the calories you saved - 460 cals in your Starbucks Grande Egg Nog Latte - at Costa for a Medio Cappucino with full fat milk - 101 at least you don't have to run a few times round the caravan site to burn those excess calories! JantheFan x

marc said...

o jan its winter and they are boys they would not be thinking of cals or running or is that just me lol Rick new streight away that you were in the wrong shop i think he is spending to much time in coffee shops when is meant to be in meetings lol i like the eegy nog one to big love marc

Anonymous said...

Well Marc you never know these celebrity types - all they seem to eat is lettuce leaves - and live in the gym - and you know these boys they are a slave to their 5-a-day. Is that maybe 5-a-day choccies tho??? JantheFan x

marc said...

Jan you make me smile big love marc

YorkshireKaren said...

Boys, if you go into Costa again, please ask for a Creme Brulee latte with a sprinkling of brown sugar on top. I promise you'll never want egg nog again....and you can even buy a matching creme brulee muffin, how cool is that?!