Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire Night - Toasted Flumps versus “Normal” Marshmallows

We didn’t go overboard with Bonfire Night last night …. we kept it simple with a tea of baked potatoes, sausages and beans……..  and then watched our neighbours fireworks from Darrell’s bedroom window (with the light switched off so we couldn’t be seen)
Bonfire Night 2011
……..followed by X Factor ….. where Craig is our current favourite of choice!
Toasted Flumps
However we did partake in a little toasting of marshmallows.
toasted flump kebabs
We had intended to compare Flumps with “normal” marshmallows, however we were nomming so much with both varieties in all their warm squidgy deliciousness, that making comparisons was nigh on impossible ….
andys nokia 657
…….. talking about them and making notes would have been too much of a distraction as well as simply stopping us indulging with gusto.
andys nokia 643
Had Guy Fawkes himself been sharing the occasion with us, he would have undoubtedly have said “Nom, Nom, Nom” but in Old English language, something along the lines of “Verily and forsooth ‘tis nom, nom, nom, my lieges”
Bonfire Night toasted marshmallows
However, if we were forced to make a decision, the flumps had a slight edge because they were ever so slightly sweeter.  Nom-toasting-on-a-sticktastic!


Mr. D said...

Verily, it made me smile. I think Guy Fawkes would have said exactly that!

marc said...

i say un to thee that surly be or not to be he would not have ventured near thee yonder flames with gunpowder concealed about his personage it would verily be 10 Bangs would it not your humble servant with verily big love Marc