Monday, 7 November 2011

A Present For Darrell ….

Darrell’s best friend at work, Stephanie (who does the cover work) had been to New York for half term.
Present from New York
She said that she had had a wonderful time and Darrell’s eyes were like saucers as she told him of her adventures.
New York Keyring
She also said that that she didn’t bring many presents back but that there was no way she would have forgotten Darrell…….
New York Police Department Keyring
…… and had bought him something small. Darrell was needless to say absolutely thrilled, he had always wanted a real American keyring for his collection, that had really been bought in America, and this was more than he had ever dreamed of, “New York” he mused “Sounds so romantic and there are lots of songs about it!” and proceeded to sing “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today ….” What is he like?
New York 
He also gave Stephanie a mahoooosive kiss on the check….. and then went bright, bright, bright  red …… bless him!

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Mr. D said...

Darrell could pass for one of New York's finest.
"Finest what?" you may ask.