Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Roadkill? Marmite Akimbo! Marmite Tanker Overturns on M1

We are extremely tempted to dash up the M1 to assist in the clean-up operation after a tanker carrying more than 20 tonnes of our yeasty spread of choice overturned on the motorway.  From what we have gathered it's Marmite mayhem on there!  However, we are not too sure about the reception we would receive if we turned up with a camping toaster, tub of butter, an ample supply of Warburtons thick toastie loaves, knives, plates, bibs and a picnic table in tow.  Picture the scene as we set up the said picnic table on the hard shoulder and did our best to robustly consume some/part all of the savoury spill, to do our bit! But,  we could encounter a little resistance to our altruistic activities from the local constabulary, who might tell us to "Move on, there's nothing to see, the party's over" etc. ..... It also throws up several probing questions like .... does spilt Marmite count as road kill and is there such a thing as a Marmite-necker?


Di said...

Hilarious visions here - what are you boys like!! Di xx

Debbie said...

I saw this on Facebook and my first thought was for you boys as I know this is your fav! My other thought was, what a waste of Marmite, hugs Debbie x

Mr. D said...

I just saw this on Yahoo and came straight over to tell you.
Beaten to it.

marc said...

i just read that was the whole supply for the wolvehampton area they can not get any more for that area untill 2012 thank goddness you wont need any over christmas
big dont want to panic you boys love marc