Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Day Out In Birmingham With Auntie Jan

andys nokia 572
Auntie Jan asked if I would like to join her in trip to Birmingham for nothing in particular, just a mooch. As I hadn’t been for ages it would have been rude not to accept her kind offer.
andys nokia 573
Our first port of call was to visit the tourist hotspots like the famous Bull Ring Bull …………………
andys nokia 576
………. followed by Selfridges with all its plates for a couple of photo opportunities.
andys nokia 556 Then we went into the Bull Ring where they had a Nintendo stand with lots of DS’s to play on ……
andys nokia 551
Auntie Jan decided that it would be best if she left me there for a while, as she realised that it would be hopeless to try and prise me away until I had tried all of the games available to play, and she went into Selfridges to look at lady things like Cath Kidston and Paperchase.
andys nokia 555andys nokia 553 
After two hours or so ….. I realised that I was getting a little peckish and spookily, at almost the same moment Auntie Jan appeared and said “Starbucks?”
andys nokia 569
“Nom, Nom, Nom” I replied and within minutes we found ourselves sat at a table feasting on wondrous comestibles. I veered from my usual latte and cinnamon twist and gravitated towards an unpronounceable “Crème Brûlée Macchiato” because it sounded very romantic plus a most ample portion of Rocky Road which was indeed very nom, nom, nom.
andys nokia 619After that we strolled around the fruit market for a little while, where I purchased 3lbs of satsumas for the bargain sum of one pound thus ensuring a sufficient supply of our 5 day for the next week and a big bag of jelly beans each for Darrell and Nigel for holding the fort. I thanked Auntie Jan for a lovely day, who also bought 3lbs of satsumas, as well as some plantains, yams and a bowl of bananas ….. there is no danger of there being any scurvy in our family!


marc said...

looks like you had a fab day and good to see your 5 a day and i like your top very bright on a winters day (only one day till Christmas outfits can be worn ) i think Nigel would look good dressed as an angel or a Shepherd or a king or a panto dame if you cant get Santa outfit to fit him as all are easy to make and are keeping with the Christmas spirit i am doing pantos this year i will be playing panto dames in several big pantos around the country i will be standing in for one night afternoon only performances as i am in great demand as i am a crowed puller and fill i have to share my talent/love with as many company's as i can, i cant say were i will be on what night /matinée at this time as its all rush hush at the mo i just have to be ready wig in hand make up a kimbo ready for when they call o yes you can so its big panto his behind you wave love Hugh

Mr. D said...

Selfridges is a wonderful building. Will there be an Xmas coffee for sale too?
Hugh, I wish you could reveal your venues and dates - will it be legs akimbo?
All together now. "Oh yes you can!"

marc said...

Mr D i am sworn to secrecy due to a health and safety nature the crowds would be to much for a local police force to contend with and their budgets should be spent on apprehending serial killers and not protecting my fabulous personage from admiring hordes of die hard fans who would run riot if they new indeed it was legs akimbo big showbiz wave and lovey air kisses Hugh