Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nigel Wants A Pony!

Bournmoeth 096
Before our journey home Nigel wanted to see some real New Forest Ponies …..
Bournmoeth 105 ……. and when he saw them he was entranced by their peacefulness and serenity (and huge piles of poo, but we’ll just leave that one right there!),  he was rendered almost speechless.
Bournmoeth 101
He did however wonder if, as they were everywhere, anyone would notice if a just a small one sort of went missing and came back to Wolverhampton with us …..
Bournmoeth 100
……. thankfully I had the presence of mind to come up with a cock and bull story that assuaged Nigel’s natural urge to obtain a pony of his own by fair means or foul …….
Bournmoeth 110
…….. O told him that it was someone’s job to go round counting all the ponies before their bedtime and that there were CTV cameras set up in all of the trees, anyone seen shoving a (small) New Forest pony into the back of a Vauxhall Zafira would soon be spotted and arrested forthwith by the New Forest Constabulary!
Bournmoeth 120
Nigel seemed to swallow accept the story……..
Bournmoeth 113
………. and soon occupied himself by poking a stick in a hole in a tree like he had seen in a Winnie the Pooh film where Pooh was looking for honey!
Bournmoeth 112
It was very beautiful in the New Forest and almost silent, apart from Nigel’s pokings and tappings ….
Bournmoeth 119
….. but it was time to return to Wolverhampton and rejoin the rat race ….
Bournmoeth 095
…… with unforgettable memories of Nigel trying to entice fairies to his toadstool deeply embedded in my mind!


Mr. D said...

It would have made quite a sight - a pony's head sticking out of the sunroof on the way back to Wolverhampton! Methinks you would have been spotted.

marc said...

Nigel you stick to keeping pretend animals as pets , you would have to have a big pooper scooper bag to pick up its mess when you took it for a walk ,PS i think i saw your photo on a wanted poster in the new forest it said wanted on suspicion of wanting to take small pony from natural habituate its best you wear a disguise for a few days just in case your spotted and some one dobbs you in to the old bill as it had a big reward for information two cream cakes and a chip butty with real butter big watching your back love Marc