Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All In A Days Work For Vinnie The Volunteer at the FIG Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships 2011

We are so proud of our friend Vinnie and all his altruistic activities. He’s always somewhere really interesting and has now amassed a huge wardrobe of uniform polo shirts and accreditations, as well as a very impressive CV.
FIG Tampoline & Tumbling
Last week he was at the Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships in Birmingham, which sounded very exciting , but we expect like our job in rush photocopying it had it’s ups and downs.
Trampolining Bham
Vinnie was based in the Media Centre …..Vinnie 3
….. which gave him access to a lot of areas of a very important nature.
Vinnie 2
He had to look after the photographers ….
28th Trampoline and Tumbling
….. and book in visiting members of the media from all over the world, and put their media packs together …..
World Trampolining Bham
….. which involved quite a lot of photocopying (for which we trained him well!) …
Press Pigeon Holes 
….. He had to make sure that all the “journos”, as he likes to call them …….
Vinnie 1
…… had all the latest results, facts and figures as soon as they happened, if not sooner…..
World Trampolining Birmingham
….. which also had to be filed away ……
Trampolining and Tumbling Bham
…… using a very sophisticated and complicated system.
Topping Up refreshments
Vinnie was also responsible for seeing that all the journos received adequate sustenance. Vinnie said that having to watch and count how many times world trampolinists bounce up and down all day,  especially when they gather up speed, not only gives you a cricked neck but can also give you a thirst, especially if you go boing… boing …. boing as you count! 
 Trampoling World Championships 2011
Having to sample the daily supply of Danish pastries and muffins to make sure they were without a hint of staleness was an onerous task, but like everything he does, Vinnie embraced the challenge every time he passed the catering facilities, in order to ensure that the highest standard of refreshment was maintained!
World trampolining championships Birmingham 2011
Vinnie had a 7.00am start  each day, but he said it was all worthwhile when he looked down on the empty arena floor before any of the bouncing started. He said it  was very romantic and gave him a spine tingling thrill being part of all the pomp and circumstance.  He also confessed to a secret hankering for one  of the mahoooosive flags as a souvenir, to use as a “bedspread” on his bed!  What is he like?
Vinnie 5
We couldn’t resist asking him if he had been tempted to have a “cheeky bounce” while no one was looking …. but he just gave us a rye smile and added mysteriously “Now that would be telling!”


Mr. D said...

Ups and downs - groan. At least it puts a spring in your step and you may see a bouncing Czech. Do they have bouncers at the door? Well - you started it!

There is a drinks company in Mexico called Boing - they should import it especially.


marc said...

well done Vinnie you doing a great job ,i use to coach and belong to the BTF ( British trampolining federation) when young and was training for the nationals etc but had a accident so had to stop those were the days were do they go big bouncy love Marc