Saturday, 26 November 2011

Keeping Nigel and Marcel Occupied

Tubes of Millions sweets
Nigel had Marcel round to play yesterday, but they were both in a very rambunctious mood and in order to return some semblance of calm and order to Chateau Castle Greyskull I decided that Nigel and Marcel needed a structured activity to occupy them, rather than having them running round the house and chucking lego!
Tubes of millions
So I gave them three tubes of Andy’s “millions” to count, on the pretext of my gathering information for an up and coming confectionary review.
Bubble Gum Millions
To be honest I don’t think counting really is their forte ….. they used their fingers and toes (and noses), they asked for a calculator, and attempted several tally charts, but they never seemed to get beyond 10 without having to start again!
Strawberry Flavor Millions
However, it kept them occupied for about an hour and a half, until Marcel wondered out aloud that if he swallowed several mouthfuls of the millions, one after another and then jumped up and down, if Nigel could hear them rattle inside him!
Millions sweets
I give up!
Millions sweets 2
What are they like??
Bubble Gum Millions 1


marc said...

they are little monkeys those two when they get together their photos made me smile big love marc

Mr. D said...

They were "running round the house and chucking lego!" I blame the parents.
The teeth photos made me smile too, Marc. This look would be great for Halloween.