Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Pleasure And The Pain!

I seem to have gained rather a reputation among the young ladies at school as someone who has a keen interest in food, a discerning and refined palate and a healthy appetite!
Master Chef
So I was very honoured when they asked me to sample some of the dishes that they had prepared for the preliminary rounds of a regional Masterchef competition
Masterchef 1
It would have been rude not to accept their kind offer and I prepared myself by only having a cauliflower and broccoli cup a soup and a ryvita with marmite for my lunch so that I was in a ravenous state for the judging …..
Masterchef 4
I loved the steak pie ….  the pastry was well and truly puffy and the steak tender in a gorgeous gravy ….. nom, nom, nom!
Masterchef 2
I felt I had to try three banana and maple muffins before being able to declare them to be  “As light as an angels breath and extremely morish”
Masterchef 3
However my overall favourite was a fruit and cream pastry dish in the shape of the Olympic Rings …. it was a culinary triumph and very original.
Washing Up after Masterchef competition
To thank the young ladies for their wonderful hospitality I naturally offered to help them with the washing up …. unfortunately they piled it up very enthusiastically and as I was feeling rather full by that time it took me quite a long time to work my way through ……. the hands that do dishes !


Mr. D said...

All this food doesn't seem to expand your waistline.
The steak pie looks wonderful.

marc said...

i love the look of those cakes i am now hungry big love marc ps you did a great job