Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Trip to Hengistbury Beach

Our SUN £9.50 holiday cannot be not be called a proper holiday until we’ve been to the beach according to The Nigel Ultimate Guide to £9.50 Sun Holidays.  He just wouldn’t leave it until I agreed that we could go to Hengistbury Beach on the Mudeford Ferry.
Bournmoeth 050 However, although the “voyage” didn’t last more than ten minutes, poor Nigel missed out on the lovely vistas of the sea and the beach huts …….
Bournmoeth 046 Bournmoeth 047
……… having succumbed to a particularly nasty bout of sea sickness. He had “packed away” a very substantial “full English” back at the caravan, before setting sail, which may have had some bearing on Nigel’s state. However I embraced the experience enough for both of us and thankfully, once back on terra beach, Nigel soon perked up.
Bournmoeth 053
We just couldn’t believe how warm it was, as we sat on a beach in mid November in our shirt sleeves!
Bournmoeth 055
While Nigel happily built sandcastles, I went to look at the beach huts…….
Bournmoeth 056
…… and decided that if I ever win the lottery I would like to  buy or rent one ……
Bournmoeth 060
They made me come over all Enid Blyton …… I admit I did peep through some of the windows …..they were soooooo romantic.  If I had one I would decorate it with sea shells and seaside ephemera and would be happy as the day is long! Bournmoeth 061
I also took the opportunity to collect my last holey stones of the year …. it seemed odd to be thinking of Christmas in such surroundings,  but I did think that I could give one or two to special people as a Christmas present.
Bournmoeth 068


Mr. D said...

Not holey stones akimbo then?

marc said...

MR D they are rear and very precious things and are not just laying around in their 100s like your common beach stones o no these have been hidden amongst such common stones in the light of a full moon by mermaids who for only a few hours on such nights grow legs and hide the magical stones so that those wanting them have to look hard and long thus proving them selfs worthy of the magic they hold and unlike round peddles no two stones are the same
big magical mermaid love Marc

Anonymous said...

Marc - I think, in a former life you have indeedy been one of the aforementioned mermaids. You have plumbed the depths of the deep and mysterious by the sound of it.
janthefan x

Mr. D said...

Marc. Thanks for your full and magical explanation. I know they are rare, holy and holey but your explanation is wonderful. Maybe Jan the fan has got something too (hope it's not catching.) Were you a Merman?

marc said...

lol MrD & Jan the fan who can say but i can hold my breath for along time and i love the sea big magical love marc