Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bunk Beds Akimbo

Our Sun £9.50 holiday caravan has got bunk beds ….. how brilliant is that?
Bunk beds
……. We’ve always wanted bunk beds!
Bournmoeth 072
It’s all too exciting!
Bunk Beds 1
….. However it was harder to climb up the ladder than we had anticipated ……
Bournmoeth 073
………… but it was everything we had imagined and more when we finally made it to the top!
Bournmoeth 015
Nigel wanted to go bed straight away and be done with all the adventures that lay before us on our holiday….
Bournmoeth 013
What is he like?
Bournmoeth 069
….. Simple pleasures …
Bournmoeth 070
It was funny seeing Nigel lie there, it sort of reminded me of an episode of Porridge!


Mr. D said...

Bunk beds are akimbo too. Wow - what next?
Mind you don't toss and turn too much overnight and fall out. It's a long way down.

marc said...

Made me smile your having such fun on your winter break big love marc