Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nigel Gets Two New Hats!

The Big Knit 1
We’ve been to Sainsbury’s with Auntie Jan to buy our Innocent Smoothies with the woolly hats on as part of “The Big Knit” …………..
……….. it took us ages to choose ours, and quite a queue built up behind us, which made other people wonder what was happening and what they were missing out on and before we knew it there was panic buying akimbo!
The Big Knit
There are 650,000 little woolly hats all sitting on  Innocent Smoothie bottles in Boots and Sainsbury’s throughout the land, but we think we got two of the best!
The Big Knit 2
All of the hats have been knitted by real people and 25p per hatted bottle sold is donated to Age UK to help make winter a little warmer for older people across the UK.
The Big Knit 3
And, how spooky and fortuitous ….. they are all a perfect fit for Nigel ……
The Big Knit 4
……. so he is well set up for the winter …. and won’t be at any risk of losing heat through his head and becoming hypothermic!
The Big Knit 5
We all agreed that Nigel does carry off a hat rather well and perhaps we should send his picture to Philip Treacy (hatmaker to the stars) in case he needs a new muse!
We’ve also decided to learn how to knit in the New Year so that we can make some hats for 2012 ….. we’ve already found some patterns …it can’t be that difficult…. can it?


Mr. D said...

"….. we’ve already found some patterns …it can’t be that difficult…. can it?"
Famous last words?

There "was panic buying akimbo!" They were buying with both hands on their hips? Must be a little difficult.

marc said...

Lol Mr D Your so funny ,But how spooky i brought a orange one with a orange bobble on the top and some little Aryan ones they are fab and little old peps get some help which is the best thing you should send a pictures to Innocent and let them see Nigel in his new hats big love Marc

Oli Mason said...

Hello Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel,

Thank you so much for supporting the Big Knit, it's something we're very proud of and it's great to see you've had so much fun with our hats. They look just the perfect size for you.

All the best,
Oli from innocent

marc said...

so glad that innocent got in contact neverno they might want you to teast some of there stuff big love marc