Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Where Is Derek Acorah When You Find Yourself Surrounded By Phenomenon?

Halloween was all that we had expected…. plus a little bit more …..
andys nokia 560
We all dressed up ……
andys nokia 567
…… lit our lanterns and partied in the garden,  playing, at one stage, Eye Spy, which was Nigel’s suggestion …..   now know where all our carrots had disappeared to, it was his cunning plan to try to see better in the dark, especially for last night!
 andys nokia 576
We had a wonderful time and nothing untoward appeared to happen until we downloaded our pictures onto the computer ……….
andys nokia 573
……. and then it seemed as if we had been surrounded by strange unexplained lights ….
andys nokia 572 …….. especially around and sometimes emanating from  Darrell…..
andys nokia 569 andys nokia 571
We are going to send our pictures to Derek Acorah to see what he thinks …
andys nokia 568 ….. perhaps we have tapped into something of a magnanimous and psychically kinetic type spooky nature! Thank goodness there was no protoplasm and plankton emitted, or we could have found ourselves in all sorts of serious trouble! 


Mr. D said...

Something strange in the neighbourhood.
Who ya gonna call?
Mr. Acorah?
Mmm - a hit single?
Nigel looks very scary.

marc said...

fab and very scary love the outfits big love marc