Monday, 21 November 2011

It’s 21st November …. It’s World Hello Day!

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello a thousand times Hello.... and not in a Hello Magazine type way!
We’re participating in World Hello Day,  we've  got to say “Hello” to  ten people, to show how important personal communication is especilally for peace….. so we would like to say "Hello" to all our special people and hope that they will pass it onto another ten ……
Hello 1
Marhabbah to Mr D in Abu Dhabi
 Hello 2
A big showbiz wave to Marc and Hugh in Notting Hill, living the showbiz life …..
Hello 3
…..  Bonjour to Gina and all the lovely people at the office in  Lucozade Towers …….
Hello 4
A Swahilian "Jambo" to Auntie Jan …..
Hello 5
A HUGE hello our GORGEOUS adopted Grandma Winnie .....
Hello 6
…… and her lovely daughter,  Auntie Lynda …..
Hello 7
Hello Jan the Fan , not to be confused with Auntie Jan ….
Hello 9
Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. hello, hello, hello to ALL our adopted friends and their new families.
Hello 10
And finally hello to Sandra our boss at work - Darrell will see you later to assist you with rush photocopying and laminating jobs and to water the office amarylis.
X HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO X to all our followers too many to mention HELLO xxxx
STOP PRESS …. STOP PRESS …. we’ve had a "Hello"  from Vinnie The Volunteer, who, though mahoooosively busy checking the springs on the trampolines at the 28th Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships in Birmingham found the time to send us a boingggg, boinggggg boinggggg "Hello"!  He says the job has its up and downs, but thankfully no one has hit their head on the ceiling yet  ….. what is he like? He also said that the "journos" as he calls them are very demanding, wanting the results of the days bouncing "yesterday".  So the  rush photocopying he has had to do for them has been quite stressful, now he know how we feel!


Mr. D said...

All I can say is السلام عليكم (assalamu alaikum,)bonjour and hola using Arabic (transliterated Arabic,) French and Spanish.

P.S. Are all photocopying jobs rush ones?

marc said...

Hello sweetie darlings big showbiz air kiss to you all love Marc &Hugh

Athyn said...

Hola chaps!! Love, Jen and Clint xxxx

lynne said...

A huge HELLO to you all
From Lynne & Archie

Anonymous said...

JantheFan is saying HELLO right back at you boys!!!
.....and mahoosive HELLO to all your other fans, admirers, followers and supporters from all parts of the globe!

Paddington fan said...

George is smiling and waving in a hysterical fashion and shouting hello to you all from Hamstershire!! XXXXX

Athyn said...

Hello Jan and other Monkey fans and helloooo to all the other adoptees from Jen and Clint xxx

Mr. D said...

"Hello" in a Hello magazine type of way.
In Mexico they have "Hola" magazine. I wonder on which magazine it is modelled.

lynda said...

Hellloooo you lovely boys!! It's Aunty Lynda here with a message from your adopted Grandma Winnie - she said to tell you she is feeling a lot better now and is waving back at you like mad!! Hamish send his love to you all - he said he misses you but all the cuddles he gets from Grandma makes up for it! :) Much love to you all
from Aunty Linda, Grandma & Hamish