Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Our Last Sun £9.50 Holiday Of 2011

Bet you didn’t expect to find us on a Sun £9.50 holiday today, in the middle of November?  We're staying on the edge of the New Forest and it’s is all just too exciting for words!
Oakdene Forest park 7
Unfortunately, Monkey had to stay at home as it’s his week to work with Sandra doing rush photocopying and laminating jobs, but he said that he was looking forward to a bit of “me” time, especially as Nigel has been pestering him to make him an Advent Advent Calendar, so that he can start counting down the days before he can start opening his Advent calendar, what is he like?!!
Oakdene Forest park 5
Our caravan is mahooosive, with what we are grandly calling an east wing and a west wing!  We are are in the west wing, where we have two bedrooms …….. but we are only using one of them (but more of that tomorrow…..)
Oakdene 2
…….. We've even got our own shower room, so there’s no queuing in the morning or complaints about unfortunate odours ……. what smells we choose to make, stay with us, and don’t have to be endured shared by others!
Oakdene Forest Park 10
In the middle of the caravan is a large lounge, with a real faux fire surround……. which makes the room  look most romantic in the evening ….
Oakdene Forest park 9
……. and there are also got real radiators … ahhhhhh simple pleasures! 
Oakdene Forest Park 3
Beyond the lounge and kitchen area is the west wing with another shower room and double bedroom for the grown ups………
Oakdene Forest Park
But best of all, we've got a sundeck, which is something we’ve never had with a caravan before ……….
Oakdene Forest Park 8
I have mulled and mused over how lovely it would have been to have held a couple of decadent little cocktail parties on it in the evenings, but since it’s dark by five o’clock and there is a wintery nip in the air I think the likelihood of that happening is nil!
Oakdene Forest park 1
Anyway, we are all settled …… I just hope Nigel doesn't get too excited!


Mr. D said...

Yet another holiday and another product placement.
Are you sure it is a caravan and not a stately home you wandered into by mistake?
Real faux fire surround - made me laugh. It ought to have a real faux fire.

marc said...

its so posh and Nigel swinging from the chandelier has over tones of mad party's have fun in the sun big love Marc