Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Producing A Confectionary Product Of Our Own

Gingerbread man mould
Look what we found in the kitchen! We were sooooo excited we almost went bang! This means we now can make our own confectionary and then review it! How brilliant is that?
chocolate mould
Darrell was outside our Tesco Express this morning queuing before they were even open, he was so desperate to buy some chocolate and get started! What is he like?
andys nokia 635
When he got back, we broke the chocolate up in a bowl and melted it very carefully in the microwave, stirring at intervals. You will have no doubt noticed that we followed stringent hygiene precautions of a rubber glove type nature to ensure that none of our produce got contaminated by germs and stuff falling off our hands and into the chocolate.
andys nokia 639
We carefully spooned the chocolate into the mould, which was a lot trickier than we first thought,  but waves of excitement were surging through our bodies …….  but we found waiting for it to harden seemed interminable.
andys nokia 638 
While we were waiting, Darrell also “found” an abandoned icing set in one of the cupboards ……
sainsbury's colour writing icing
…….. and although we had planned on leaving our gingerbread men plain, it seemed rude not to “embellish” them just a little.
Sainsbury's writing icing
Icing too proved  a lot harder than we anticipated and it took a lot of concentration, in fact Darrell went quite crossed eyed during his efforts!
Icing Gingerbread men
…… And we now have a greater appreciation for anyone who can wield a piping bag and do swirls and stuff …..
chocolate gingerbread men
…. However we felt very proud of our work …..
chocolate iced gingerbread men
…….. but naturally as some old wife once said ….. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating there of” ……
andys nokia 665
……. nom, nom, nom, nom ….!


Mr. D said...

Great but is there a conflict of interest - reviewing one's own product?

Will you eat the arms first?

I am pleased no rude appendages were iced onto the chocolate/gigerbread men!

lynda said...

Giz a bit!! They look fab boys! Nice to see you all again - miss you but I am getting spoiled rotten from Grandma

Love Hamish xx

marc said...

they look fab and you could make some for Christmas presents you could use little sweets for eyes and buttons or currants and tiny bits of red liquorish laces for the mouth stuck in with a tiny bit of icing or melted chocolate well done you to they look nomtastical big love Marc