Saturday, 12 November 2011

Granddad Colin’s Cherry Tomatoes

As you know we try to maintain a rigorous 5 a day regime AND also like to source local produce for our consumption.
cherry tomatoes
Well, you can’t get any more local than Granddad Colin’s cherry tomatoes as he only lives across the road! He has been growing them in his hanging baskets by the million and every few days or so he sends us a fresh full box. We have to say that they just do not compare to the ones we have been getting from the Tesco Express across the road, and we have been saving a small fortune on the housekeeping.
cherry tomatoes 4
We have tended to eat them straight from the box like sweeties as soon as we have got them, which is naturally far better for us nutritionally, but as a result of this, no tomatoes have made it to our meal table ….. and so we have not yet enjoyed them as an ingredient in cooked delicacies.
cherry tomatoes 3
We all agree that Granddad Colin does grow exceedingly nomtastic tomatoes, for which we award him the prestigious “Off The Scale Nom Award” …….
cherry tomatoes 1
…… Especially as he even managed to grow Nigel sized tomatoes, we are not sure how he did it, but it must be very skilful and clever.


Mr. D said...

Wow - a special award for noms. The five a day portion will be smaller for Nigel and huge for the jolly green giant.

marc said...

one word fab big love marc