Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sinister Undercurrents Within Marmite Works of Art..... A Product Placement Too Far?

Hmmmmmmm, much as Darrell, Nigel and myself like, adore Marmite …..
Marmite Art
I’m not sure if we could live with these objects d’arts hanging on the walls at Chateau Castle Greyskull …. just looking at them brings the taste of marmite into my mouth, if that makes any sense? In the kitchen, yes, but in the bedroom …… I have some misgivings …..
It could be construed, by some, that having a picture of a Marmite jar in your chambre de slumber  might leave you open to slightly sinister auto-suggestive undertones …..imagine, upon waking, seeing a giant jar of your savoury spread of choice in front of you, you could easily (if you are not of strong enough character) find yourself  succumbing to the sub-conscious message that Marmite could, must be part of your breakfast repast, even though you rather fancied marmalade for a change that morning …… spooky!  No wonder they have banned it in Denmark!


Mr. D said...

Marmite part of my breakfast? Not on my Corn Flakes, thank you very much.
Is this product placement on your site? Mmm.
Sleepwalking to the kitchen during the night and waking up with it stuff smeared all over your face is another possibility.

marc said...

i dont like it at all but Hugh does and has it every day on his toast a habbit i think he got when he house shared for awhile with you 3 boys MR D your on the ball with face paint lol big love marc