Friday, 4 November 2011

The Slow Road To Recovery

Thank you for all your kind wishes concerning Darrell’s broken heart,  he is recovering well and now showing signs that he may be a little over Stacey.
andys nokia 624
To help bolster his confidence I bought him a new mug ….. and put his mug on it …….
Mr Gorgeous Mug
……. which put a huge smile on his face …
Mr Gorgeous Mug 1
I’ve also given him my beloved leather jacket which I know he has always hankered for…. I think I have put a little weight on as it is now a tadge tight around my midriff. I have got my eye on a flying jacket oozing with style and distinction for which I have almost saved up enough money for.
andys nokia 630
Give him a little while longer and I think Darrell will be ready for love again …….. and what lady could resist this face and his charms?!!!!!!


marc said...

good to see his broken heart is on the mend and he is looking real cool in that jacket ps like the mug big love marc

Mr. D said...

The face more than a mother could love.
Time is indeed a great healer.