Saturday, 19 November 2011

Darrell Quite Fancies a Ferrari, But Also Has a Penchant for a Maserati …… But Which Is Best?

……. and Is this a product placement too far?
Darrell was very taken by the cars that were sitting outside the Meridien Moderna showroom in Lyndhurst.
Bournmoeth 080
According to Nigel he went all starry eyed and googly as he went from car to car ……
Bournmoeth 081
…… dreaming of all the young ladies who would like to run their fingers across the cream leather upholstery if he had one.
Bournmoeth 082
He said it was a difficult choice but in the end he decided that his car of choice would have to be a navy Maserati as they seemed to be more of a man’s man car and red Ferraris were, in his opinion were a little passé and boy racer! What is he like?!!! 


marc said...
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Mr. D said...

The Banga bus has more character but maybe not quite the pull with the ladies.

SueF said...

Hope you popped into Emerald Crafts at the other end of the high street.

If you're in the area again, check out Furzey Gardens - beautiful settings with lots of fairy doors to find


marc said...

I am sure you would miss the Banga bus if you had one of those fantastic machines and may be if you had one you could turn the eye of a super model now your back on the market for love big love Marc