Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th February 2012 – Leap Day?

Plastic frog ornamament
We are very excited because 2012 is a Leap Year (or intercalary/ bissextile year, if you want to be posh) and it’s something we have never experienced before, so our excitement is both palpable and tangible at the same time!
plastic frogs
However we are not really sure what to expect, all we know is that it only happens every four years and we get an extra day rush photocopying and laminating, which is always good! We understand too that we could be proposed to at any second by a young lady, but since we now have a mutual understanding with Tallulah, that seems unlikely to happen!
Leap Year 2012 Exchanging Frogs
…. But do we give and receive cards and presents and stuff  …… or do we feast greatly? There doesn’t seem to be any 29th February protocol for us to follow, though we have searched the subject robustly on the internet.
Misshaped Biscuits chocolate covered teacakes
So we have made decided to make up our own traditions, …… we are celebrating with the exchanging small ornamental frogs and having a  tea which will include Leap Cakes ….. they are only really misshaped chocolate teacakes, but judging from the shop Darrell bought them from and the closeness of the sell by date we are taking a Leap of Faith by eating them!!!!!!
Misshaped teacakes on a cake stand leap year 2012
Blue and white cake stand
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who’s birthday it is today, it must be lovely to have an extra special nativity, but we much prefer having our birthdays (and presents) every year!


Mr.D said...

Made me smile. Best before dates on cakes and tins are nothing to worry about.
Exchanging identical ornamental round a circle of the three of you means you end up the same thing again. Perhaps I'm missing something and Nigel knows the differences and has given them all names.

Mr.D said...

Oops. I should have written

...identical ornamental FROGS....

I spotted it just after I had pressed "Publish."

Darrell said...

No Mr D ..... the frogs are all different .... all in different poses so easy to tell apart!!

Anonymous said...

Misshaped or not, Leap Cakes are a BRILLIANT idea! Very festive looking cake presentation. No better way to celebrate this calendar type momentous occasion! ....Happy Leap Celebration..Dianne

marc said...

i hopped over late as i had 1000s of female fans asking me to marry them i have let them down lightly by saying i am putting my art before every thing and until i get a Oscar i wont marry any one big leap year wave love Hugh