Monday, 13 February 2012

Darrell and Nigel Attend Their First Baby Shower

Twins Baby ShowerLast Friday morning was Darrell and Nigel’s shift in Resources but with half term looming there was a slight lull in the world of rush photocopying ….. so the Office Ladies invited them both to join them in what is usually regarded as activities of a celebratory feminine type nature ….. to wit a “Baby Shower”
Baby shower balloons
At first Nigel was a little hesitant, not relishing the thought of babies tumbling willy nilly from the sky.   He also worried both robustly and needlessly about how many babies he might possibly have to catch and land safely … and about the possible ear splitting implications of said babies landing at awkward angles in torrents!!
Baby shower umberella
Darrell and Nigel sheltered under the shower umbrella and watched the proceedings as the excited ladies assembled
Baby Shower brolly
However, when Darrell explained that no babies would be harmed or even directly involved in The Shower …. and that it was just an occasion for ladies to eat cake ……
baby shower cakes
… blow up balloons ….. play games like pin the nappy on the baby ……
Pin the nappy on the baby 1……. open presents and squeal at things like booties and burping clothes …….
Baby socks…….. Nigel was more than happy to be part of the throng,  especially the eating bit!
They both embraced the experience robustly and felt very honoured to be welcomed into the ladies innermost sanctum.
picnic bar“Having a baby is just like having a picnic" they both squealed when they arrived back home and told me all about it!   I think I may now need to sit them both down and have a talk of a very manly type nature ……. !  What are they like?


Mr. D said...

Baby shower followed by a rendition of "It's raining men."
Burping clothes? Clothes that burp or clothes to help babies burp? I assume the latter.

marc said...

i would stay away from all things to do with babies if i was you stick to cake its safer big love marc