Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Farewell Mick McCarthy

Darrell didn’t take the news that Mick McCarthy had been sacked by Wolves very well …
Mick McCarthy sacked
and did what he usually does in times of emotional turmoil and took himself up to his room for quiet reflection ….
Mick McCarthy sacked by Wolves
….. and wrapped himself up in his favourite Mick McCarthy t-shirt which he said still smelt of Sundays disastrous match.
Mick McCarthy T shirt
I tried to console him as best as I could, for I too was also a little emotional.  I told him not to worry, Mick would be alright for money and it wouldn’t be too long before he found a new job, probably a bit of commentating, which we always greatly enjoyed when he had done it in the past.
Farewell Mick McCarthy
“I much admired how smart Mick used to look during his TV interviews” sighed Darrell “He really could carry his assorted Wolves ties off very well”
New that Mick McCarthy has been sacked
I left Darrell alone with his thoughts and memories …… we both loved Sir Mick …. but it was time for him to move on …… perhaps we could ask Sandra if there are any vacancies with us in Resources doing rush photocopying and laminating jobs!


Mr. D said...

I like Mad Mick Mac too.
Even after the result at the weekend, I didn't want him to get the boot. He did well on a limited budget, as he did with us.
He was good in interviews.
P.S. How many readers will not have a clue about what we are talking.

marc said...

i for one Mr D as football is not a game of choice i am more in to ball room dancing lol big show biz dancing on ice wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Breaking up is hard to do.......The Wolves must seem like part of the family. Poor poor Darrell, taking it so hard. Not to worry; there is probably a bright future for your favourite Mick McCarthy. ...Dianne

marc said...

PS don't get rid of the t shirt you can always iron over the top of it with a transfer of the new boss why waste a good t shirt or bring it out in a few years as retro on ebay lol big hard sales love Marc