Friday, 24 February 2012

Amaryllis …. Amaryllis …

Poor Nigel, after a promising start with his amaryllis,  the half term holiday unfortunately put paid to any horticultural dream that he had been harbouring…..
Fallen Amarylis
Despite a robust beginning,  the plant decided to bloom while Nigel wasn’t there to tend it, as a result  it’s flowers became so heavy that both stems simply keeled over, and someone on the caretaking staff decided to lob them off, stem and all,  to prevent any further suffering ….. without Nigel ever seeing the flowers,  he was devastated!
Cut amarylis
Even Darrell was visibly upset for Nigel and the plant …… it all seemed so final!.
Amarylis 5
There was also no way of softening the blow for Nigel that Darrell’s amaryllis had continued to thrive during the holiday, and had also blossomed but without any of the aforesaid dire consequences.
Amarylis 1
But though proud, Darrell did not gloat, and underplayed his joy and pride in his plant …….
Amarylis 3
…… and said that Nigel could take care of the second shoot that was now thriving…. and should look upon it as his own.
Amarylis 4
Poor Nigel ….. nature can be a cruel mistress!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is nature who is a cruel mistress here - it's the caretaking staff - shouldn't have interfered with the mistress in the first place!!!
Chin up nigel - it won't be long before you will be wandering lonely as a cloud tending the host of golden daffs.
JantheFan x

marc said...

she can at that he will no next time not to trust that women and use some sort of prop to hold his steam up right lovely plants big love Marc

Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel but good old Darrell for helping soften the blow.
Forward planning is needed for holidays, especially the summer ones in schools.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Nigel has loving family to comfort him during this heartbreaking disappointment.....Loving wishes to Nigel...Dianne