Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Very Special Non Valentine Card

Nigel got a call from the Front Office while on rush photocopying duty to say that there was a bright green envelope addressed to him waiting by the hatch for him to collect. He was gone in a flash, we’ve never ever seen him move so fast, even when his favourite tea is on the table,  and that’s saying something.
scribbler 5scribbler 4
Darrell and I suspected that it was the card that Scribbler had let us order for free and which we had decided to send to Tallulah as a token of our appreciation for being so kind to Nigel. After robust discussion, Darrell and I had decided that when it arrived we would let Nigel deal with it, without any intervention from us.
Looking for Tallulah
However, we will admit to walking very slowly up and down the corridor, outside Tallulah's office trying to blend into the background and acting in a normal type nature to see how things went  ….. so we saw Nigel tap nervously on the door and peep round to see if the lady in question was in residence …..
…… then heard Tallulah drawl “Ahhh Nigel, come on in honey!” in her soft golden brown voice and with that Nigel disappeared ….
The door was slightly ajar, and although we knew it was wrong …. we peeped in …. we heard Tallulah gasp as Nigel presented her with the envelope “Oh mah goodness me sugar, whatever can this be?”
Scribbler Card
When she saw our picture of the front of the card, she sighed and stroked Nigel’s face.
Scribbler Cards
….. and then they read the card together.
Scribbler 1
“Ah am sooooo overwhelmed Nigel” she sighed “This is so kind”
Scribbler Cards 2
….. and then she became a little very emotional.
Scribbler Cards 3
“Ah never dreamed Ah would have such a lovely card as this on such a day.” she sniffed “Ah feel like Ah now have got three new, very special friends …. and hope mah festive faux pas with Monkey is now forgotten and forgiven as Ah was sooooo vexed with mahself for being so forward, for which Ah truly am sorry. Ah can only blame mah silly foolishness upon the sherry in mah Christmas pudding!”
Scribbler Card a
So all’s well that ends well ….. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY …. a day to tell special people in your life how much they mean to you …… sniff!


Mr. D said...

Would Ms. T not seem out of place in "Cat on a hot tin roof?"
Does she sound like the rabbit from the old Caramel advert?
What a wonderful card.

marc said...

i Think it lovely that they are all friends ,MrD i loved jessica rabbit of the Caramel advert or was it the Caramel chocolat i loved more lol happy v day big love and hugs Marc and Hugh

Anonymous said...

No end of surprises with the friendly Miss Tallulah! In print her accent does seem to be pure American Southern Belle. Perfectly wonderful ending, or beginning, to the close encounters of the Tallulah kind. Happy Valentines Day!....Dianne

Mr. D said...

I loved Caramel Bunny too. She was voted one of the sexiest cartoon characters of all time!