Friday, 10 February 2012

Our Word Of The Day……

Our word of the day today is Frou Frou.
If you really want to be pedantic (as Mr D undoubtedly will be!!!),  frou frou is two words the same, repeated, but then if it was just frou on it’s own, it wouldn’t be our word of the day, because it would then be just boring! 
Oooo La Frou Frou
A bit of lace draped in a ubba masculine way, plus a dab of David Beckham “Instinct” behind our ears and other important pulse points and we could be the next Young Romantics.
When saying “frou frou” it makes us want to lean our heads to the left and raise our left shoulder up  to meet it  …… try it ….. frou frou!!!
cake pops
These pop cakes are what we would describe as truly tres frou frou  …. however we think we would have to be a little careful before ‘chowing on in there’ as a mouth full of feathers could lead to a spitting of feathers type situation. 


marc said...

great words i was a new romantic i loved my frou frou shirts and cake pops are the in thing to have and they even sell a cake pops maker those ones are mega frou frou big love marc

Mr. D said...

I hadn´t even thought it was two words! In fact it is one hyphenated word as in frou-frou.
One should lean your head to the left and raise your left shoulder up to meet it and finish it off with a Gallic shrug. I don't think this action is the law but it ought to be.

Anonymous said...

Well I never.....I'm off to play with my tutu.

SueF said...

Marc, what are you doing to me! I just ordered a pop cake maker from Lakeland, I didn't even know they existed. Just hoping it arrives soon so the kids can make lots during the half term holiday


Monkey said...

Awwww Sue .... that Marc, he has an almost hypnotic affect on people .... will you send us a picture of your pop cakes when you've done them please?

marc said...

sueF a friend of mine told me about them she is a party planer she got hers in the u.s.a a year or so back the kids and adults love making them there are books on how to decorate them have fun big love Marc

SueF said...

thanks Marc, I'm hoping to make them from scratch too - but this is ideal for the kids, they'd be far too impatient for the original mathod


ps thanks for the link too