Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It’s Pancake Day!

Darrell and Nigel were up at 6.30 this morning making pancake batter for our tea tonight. We are all going to be late home (due to a hectic work schedule)  and they thought that if they prepared our Lent Tide repast ahead of time it would mean that frying pans could be akimbo as soon as our keys were in the door later tonight!
Betty Crocker Shake to make pancakes
Their batter mix of choice this Pancake Day is Betty Crocker “Shake to Make Pancakes” mix, again to save time…..
Betty Crocker pancake mix
However there had been robust discussion about how many pancakes we each thought we could eat ….. Darrell decided we hadn’t got enough of said mix so Nigel was duly sent to get another one ….
Shake Pancake mix
…. and then he, in turn, decided to get yet another one “to fill in any gaps we had left!” …….. he is definitely getting as bad as Darrell!
Shake and Make Pancakes
Next followed the stringent following of instructions ……
Shake and Make Pancake mix
…… add water and shake ……
Pancake day 2012
……. for about 30 seconds ………..
Sahke and Make Pancakes betty Crocker
…… but trust those two to shake for so long that they both went all dizzy and faint! What are they like?  Anyway the mix is now in the fridge, shaken and not stirred, and awaits our return!


marc said...

lol but boys it ant hard to make pancake mix and its cheap marc will be making well over a 100 today for friends i will be helping as cheif taster he is making sweet my fav and also some savory ones with her herbs and even chilly yep i am going to be sick of them by 7 tonight big got to watch my weight Hugh

Mr. D said...

Mmm pancakes. Nomtastic.
How did Nigel manage to carry two of those huge (mahooosive?) containers? He must be strong.
I'm with Marc - it is easy to make your own batter. They say it is best to make it in advance anyway.
Marc is more of an epicurean than me. I like my pancakes just with Golden Syrup and lemon juice.

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Mmm... Betty Crocker pancake mix. I cam make pancake mix from scratch but when stretched for time this is the perfect substitute! Very nomtastic! A splash of lemon and in my case a lot of sugar. Pancake heaven! Sue x

Anonymous said...

We love pancakes and often have them either Saturday or Sunday evening for supper. We use Aunt Jemima mix. Some fresh fruit on the side and you have a perfect evening meal. Bless him, dear Nigel is quite the helper! Happy Pancake day.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

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