Sunday, 12 February 2012

Security Measures Akimbo

Since “Briangate” when Nigel lost Brian,  we have had several people with a background in matters of security asking us what, if any,  safety measures we have put in place to prevent another such emotional event happening.
Mouse in a box
Well, after a robust time and motion study of Nigel, taking into consideration where he takes and leaves Brian and what activities they pursue, we have come up with the following:- Brian has had a hair extension put in his tail with a bell worked into it ……..
Little Wooden Mouse
….. so that we will be alerted instantly to any movement Brian makes, no matter where he has secreted his personnage.
wooden mouse 1
We have also fashioned a little box on a lead, with more bells incorporated, for Nigel to pull along when he takes Brian for a walk, this can also double up as a bed.
I gave the responsibility of embellishing the said little box on a lead to Darrell, unfortunately he spelt Brian’s name wrong …..
Little box
I sometimes wonder if Darrell actually has a Brian Brain!!!! But at least Nigel is happy and Brian is safe, and that’s all that really matters xxxxx
wooden mouse


Mr. D said...

An ingenious solution to the problem.

marc said...

very cleaver and well done for helping him ,mind you i did not see any thing wrong with the spelling but then again i am dyslexic so it could still be wrong.i have noticed Nigel has lots of accessories i like them big love Marc

Julia Dunnit said...

It works! Brilliant idea and, hey brain, Brian...quite flattering!!