Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Done …. The Both Of Them …!!

Last week I foolishly remarked that Darrell’s manly chest could perhaps “take” a medallion ….
Medallion Man
I should have known better and kept my mouth shut because within minutes he was over the road in the paper shop, where Ali has a sort of lucky dip box.
….. and Ali sold him this duo of faux silver necklaces, which will no doubt make his neck turn green, for 50p the two!  Darrell said that although it was not the medallion he had in mind, Ali had persuaded him that the said “on trend” neck pieces reflected Darrell’s musical aspirations and dreams of auditioning for X Factor one day! Good Grief!!
Looking at Medallions
But….. who am I to put Darrell’s little foibles asunder?
Wow eyelashes
However, what I failed to mention at the beginning of this post was that Nigel had accompanied Darrell over to Ali’s, where he too was parted from 50p for a set of false eyelashes, eyeliner and eyeshadow for Tallulah. It seems Ali had convinced him that this was the sort of gift every girl dreams of!  Again …… Good Grief!!  Ali could sell snow to eskimos!!!


Mr. D said...

Ms. T will be ever so grateful for such an interesting gift.
She may reciprocate.

Anonymous said...

With Darrell's good looks, he can get away with it; but perhaps when things start turning green, he will rethink his choice. Most of us have made accessory choices that cause us to say right out loud, "What was I thinking??" Tallulah is going to be thrilled with this unique but thoughtful expression of dear Nigel's adoration! Ali does sound, ummmmm, persuasive.......All my best....Dianne

marc said...

i like his neck wear just paint it with clear nail varnish that will stop it going green as for the eye wear a fab choice for any girl who likes to look her best the longer the lash the better you can flutter them big love marc