Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Kind Offer Of Fortuitous Timing!

"Yesterday Darrell had an e-mail from a gentleman called Oliver at Scribbler offering us a free personalised card as he thought it would be right up our road street cul de sac alley ….. how brilliant is that?

Naturally, Darrell’s response was resounding "Mais wee, s’il vous plait!" proceeded by much wracking of his brian brain type matter  thinking about what sort of card we should order. After much musing he decided that we ought to use it as a way on thanking Tallulah for all the kindness, attention and patience she has showered upon Nigel.
Beautiful smile
When we told Nigel of our plans his face was a picture, he smiled the biggest smile we had ever seen him smile! Darrell said he thought that Valentines Day would be an apt occasion to give Tallulah the card because, in his opinion, it doesn't have to be a day solely about things of a sloppy lovey dovey type nature, it can be an opportunity to show people how much you care about them.
compressed Darrell
He added that now we  know Tallulah a lot better and realise that she isn't quite the vamp we first thought she was, we know that there won't be any misunderstandings as to our intentions towards her, especially if the card was from all three of us.…. Scribbler
We thought that a card with us on the front would go down well, so we got Lucy to take several pictures of us and then choose the one where we all looked our best.
Then Darrell and Nigel spent a mahooosive amount of time on the Scribbler website making sure that Tallulah's card was perfect in every way,  with Nigel giving Darrell (we think) robust instruction on fonts and the positioning of the words.  When they were both happy Darrell let Nigel press the confirm button! 
It should be here in a day or two …. we are so excited!


Mr. D said...

Isn't technology wonderful?
The nearest I get to a personalised card is the message that I write inside by hand.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly wonderful way to thank Tallulah for her kind interest in and time spent with Nigel! She is proving to be a lady of much diversity and seeing her in this new light offers so many possibilities all round. What will the future bring? Can't wait to see....Happy Wishes from Dianne

marc said...
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marc said...

i have lots of stuff from scribbler they are one of my card and on trend gift shops of choice big love marc