Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Can’t Cook … Shouldn’t Cook!

Pancake day
Well, we finally had our pancakes at eight o’clock last night, so it was more like a pancake supper!  Things started out well, but I think Darrell was tired and his powers of concentration slightly lacking after a days rush laminating, because his pancake tossing skills left a lot to be desired…..
Burnt pancakes
….. and Nigel was, to be honest, more of a hindrance than a help.Pancake day 2012
However, though most of the pancakes looked a little dodgy holey they tasted almost delicious.
Pancakes for tea
We let Nigel have the first one, which he proceeded to cover with a mahoooosive mountain of squirty cream, which hid his blueberries!
Nom Nom Nom
We all agreed the pancakes were worthy of six noms, but that there was room for improvement, and at least we have another year for Darrell to perfect his art!


Mr. D said...

At least there were not stuck to the ceiling, hanging off door knobs or small monkeys.

marc said...

you did well boys next year your be with making as many as me i ended up making over 200 8 inch pancakes with 4 savory fillings and 4 sweet ones i am sick of pancakes for a while but when i looked last night there was not one left the fave sweet was caramelized banana with maple syrup ice cream and the savory fav was a white wine sauce and mushrooms with cheese in a herb pancake well i best go the dish washer needs filling again big love Marc
Ps i did have help making them so that was all good

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Darrell; your pancake making skill will improve with practice! It was excellent novice pancake making. Why didn't I think of covering my pancakes with luscious whipped cream? Thank you, Nigel. Best noming Wishes..

Mr. D said...

I am most impressed. Over 200 pancakes - you must have made lots of batter. The savoury ones sound nomtastic. Well done!