Tuesday, 28 February 2012

From Russia With Love

Russian Chocolate
None of us, in the Rush Photocopying and Laminating Crew are scheduled to go on any school trips this year, but Darrell’s friend The Luvvvverly Stephanie, has just got back from “The Russian Trip” and had secreted a little present for him amongst her luggage.
From Russia with Love
It was a bar of Russian chocolate, very romantically packaged, embellished heavily in gold and with equally romantic Russian writing on it, though we don’t have a clue what it says …. however we have deduced that as there was a picture of a cognac glass on it some alcohol may be included amongst it’s ingredients ….
A present from RussiaNeedless to say Darrell was thrilled and we shall conduct a very robust confectionary review in the next day or two, though Nigel will not be allowed to take part.
A kiss from the luvvverly Stephanie
Stephanie also said that she had missed Darrell awfully while she was away and had in fact pined for him a little.  What is she like???  And what has Darrell got that makes the ladies love him so much????


Mr.D said...

Darrell has that monkey magic magnetism as well as that James Bond/Sean Connery thing going.
Perhaps this is what makes the ladies swoon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful packaging on the candy. Hope the chocolate is it's equal! No one could possibly resist Darrell's good looks, adorable dimples and charm!...Dianne