Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Next Door’s Snowman

Not that we are nosey neighbours …. but when Darrell was looking out of the back bedroom window he couldn’t help but notice next doors snowman and then couldn’t help but be very impressed by said snowman….
next door's snowman
So much that he yelled for me to come and see …. and then we both decided that we needed to get a closer look ….
Looking over the fence005
So while Darrell hoisted me up onto his shoulders and head …. I took the first peek over the fence.
snowman next door
And then I reciprocated, but didn’t thank Darrell for putting his left foot in my ear!
Snowman Next Door d
It wasn’t a perfect view but we had to agree it was a magnificent snowman, of which we were very envious and both hummed “We’re walking in the air.” for the rest of the afternoon.


Mr. D said...

I think it is the law to have a carrot for his nose but it must be difficult getting coal for his eyes and mouth.

marc said...

it truly is a fab snow man and yep its law to have a carrot for the nose that why its being hidden in the back garden so the snowman nose police don't see it big love Marc

Anonymous said...

We dearly love The Snowman and watch it several times during the winter. Especially have to watch it Christmas Eve day or in the evening on Christmas Day. That music stays with you forever. Lovely to have a snowman neighbor. Happy snowy Wishes.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS VERY stylish hat and blue buttons...wonder if Darrell knows his wardrobe stylist.....Dianne