Monday, 6 February 2012

Darrell’s Snowy Saturday Night Out To See Sarah Millican

Sarah MilliganDarrell very much enjoys an evening of comedy for a little robust laughter, so when the Voluptuous Sarah at work asked him a while back, if he’d like to join her to see Sarah Millican he didn’t have to think twice about his reply.
However, at the time of booking no one could have foreseen the snowfall we experienced on Saturday (except for perhaps. Derek Acorah). Naturally Darrell was anxious about Sarah having to travel so far to collect him, so he text her to say that if she was nervous on the road perhaps they should leave it ….. Snow hits Britain 1…… but Sarah is made of sterner stuff …Snow hits Britain….. and told Darrell not to be such a wuss and get outside to wait for her as she was almost there.
Which he duly did with a hot water bottle up his jumper, and a flask of hot chocolate, some hob nobs and suckie sweets, an emergency foil blanket, and spare pants in his back pack,  just in case!
Sarah Milligan Wolverhampton Civic Hall
When they arrived the show had already begun but thankfully they were not on the front row so their entrance was unobtrusive! 
Sarah Millican badges
When he got home Darrell said his that he and Sarah had had a fabulous evening, despite the snow and he had laughed so much that he was frightened his strategically positioned and hidden hot water bottle might fall out !!! (what is he like?).  he also said it was a bit like a works outing as the ladies from the PE department were also there.Sarah Millican badges 1
The evening was made complete for Darrell because as he came out he was given two badges (for free) which were sort of part of show, which he said he would wear for a day or two and then put in his treasure box!


Mr. D said...

And a great night as had by one and all?
Mmmm Hobnobs - nomtastic but I would have eaten them all well before VS arrived to pick me up.

Ali said...

Shes fab isnt she I saw her last year soooo funny hope she didnt make his hair curl with some of the things she says - lol xx

marc said...

its good you went as she her she is worth every mile of smiles going home big love marc

Anonymous said...

Oh, Good thinking...Definitely best to go to a great "laugh until you choke or fall off your seat or can't breathe" event well prepared....Dianne