Sunday, 19 February 2012

Vinnie–Dancing On Ice

Sheffield 2012 European Figure Skating
Vinnie The Volunteer has such a romantic life, far more romantic that the world of rush photocopying and laminating.  Recently he came back from volunteering at the European Figure Skating Championships in Sheffield.
European Figure Skating 2012 Sheffield
He said it was very cold and was thankful of his thermal undies and the  small hot water bottle that he had secreted about his person.  He surprised us a bit by saying that he wasn’t in the least bit tempted to don a pair skates, a lycra all in one and do a “Robin Cousins”, saying that with London 2012 so close he could almost taste it, he couldn’t risk a broken leg or any other such ice bound injury.
European Figure Skating 2012
Talking of Robin Cousins, Vinnie said that he had brushed past him several times in the corridor each day and what a pleasant gentleman he was. He also said that he had to show Linda Barker, Sue Barker where she could erm … powder her nose.  What romantic encounters and bless him, Vinnie doesn’t allow himself to get at all starry eyed but remains the consummate professional at all times
European Figure Skating
Vinnie said that as this was his first “Ice Event” watching how they maintain the ice was almost as fascinating as watching the dancing.
European Figure Skating Merchandise
Vinnie also remarked that the merchandise was very nice, but once you’ve seen one range of sporting t-shirts, back packs and mugs you’ve pretty much seen them  all, but as he got a very nice fleece, polo shirt and accreditation as part of his uniform it was little wonder he wasn’t tempted 


marc said...

you do get out and about doing such a fab job helping others and such inside knowledge is well worth having have fun big love marc

Mr. D said...

Well done Vinnie - the world needs people like you.
What about Torville and Dean? Are they still involved with it in any way?


(How many of you have Ravel's Bolero in your heads at this very moment?)

marc said...

i do as i am gliding across the floor on polish cloths lol big love Marc

Anonymous said...

On the go and in the know; Vinnie's life is impressive! I bet he is one of the most helpful and professional volunteers ever. ....Admiring wishes from Dianne