Friday, 17 February 2012

Questions Of An Imponderable Nature?

Although Sandra hasn’t completely made the final move to her new office yet, we are seeing her less and less …. but to keep us on our toes and to test our understanding of our new responsibilities she e-mails us a question each day of a rush photocopying/resources type nature, which are sometimes so hard we are still trying to work them out when we get home!
Maths problems
For example, todays conundrum was thus …….. “The Geography Department has an annual allowance of six hundred reams of paper. Three hundred and ten reams are used by December and a further one hundred and sixty reams by March. How many reams are left? Do you think they will have enough to last until July,  and do we need to tell them to ease up on their wanton usage?” Both our brains hurt substantially!


Mr. D said...

Wow - you both look deep in thought.
You could be sneaky and set it as a quiz question for the Maths department, couching it in terms of something else, such as boxes of stock cubes in the canteen, to throw them off the scent.
Alternatively, contact Tom the Scientist for assistance.

marc said...

MR D you are the man i like your line of thinking i would be of no help i only went to school on a tuesday afternoon for art big love marc

Anonymous said...

Sandra obivously has great regard for you as her special proteges and wants you to be the stars of photocopying and laminating. Be extra careful of brain fatigue. Take care.....